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🏝️My Islands🏝️

Today, the way our appearance is policed has taken a new form; we’re told being skinny is bad, but not to be big either, we should be a little more tanned, but definitely not too tanned, to love our body but then praised for when we change it. For people with vitiligo, these messages are even more of a minefield, leaving them feeling powerless and unheard.


 When sharing their condition online, some people living with vitiligo draw around their patches, creating ‘islands’ mapped out on their bodies, Dove sees the beauty in all; but recognises the journey to seeing in yourself isn’t always easy.


On World Vitiligo Day, we will launch the My Islands campaign on socials. Partnering with influencers with vitiligo, we will ask them to film across their skin, explore their own vitiligo islands and reflect on their journey. We will also create a My Islands installation allowing visitors to explore in a more immersive and intimate way. These will both lead to a microsite where people could find out more.


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Podcasts and Partnerships

On Spotify we will also release a ‘My Islands’ podcast where individuals will be invited to discuss their journeys with vitiligo. 

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National Geographic doesn’t just share travel destinations, but investigates different social and cultural topics, exploring the road less traveled.


We will partner with them to share different journeys of people with vitiligo around their islands and inspire them to keep exploring.


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