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🩲👙Big Girl Pants👙🩲

Young women aged 25-35 are currently avoiding their cervical screenings, as they don’t feel HPV will affect them or feel the screening isn’t worth the discomfort and effort.


Bodyform is committed to helping women feel fearless and confident to push their boundaries. So, we are asking young women to ‘Put your big girl pants on’, take control and go and get their cervical screening.


We will cover the streets of major cities in the UK with washing lines filled with Big Girl Pants. Passersby will see QR codes on the pavement and handed flyers to lead them to our Big Girl Pants microsite where they can find out more.

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Lingerie brands such as Lemonade Dolls bringing out a limited pair of pants to promote the campaign. Hosting a catwalk or fashion show to promote the range. 



Jo’s Cancer Trust to bring Big Girl Pants to their fun run. 



Giving out free Big Girl Pants when attendees pledge to book their screening. The festival website will include a discount or access to pre-release when they have attended their screening.

NHS Toolkit


We will send a NHS Toolkit to healthcare centres in an underwear style box including assets to reach our audience such as stickers to be placed in healthcare waiting rooms and bathrooms with a QR code directing people to the microsite.


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